St Michael's
C.E. Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed


At St Michael's, we are lucky to have such responsible and respectful children who have volunteered and are committed to their role as librarian in school. Their love of books is prominent in this role and they will be given opportunities to share this with others. They will also encourage others to challenge themselves to read books of different genres and books written by different authors by promoting the ‘Reading Challenge’ in school.

These children play an important role in the upkeep and organisation of our school library. The children have been trained to return books to their rightful position in an alphabetical order and they have shown they are knowledgeable in recognising the different between fiction and non-fiction books. They have also played a pivotal role during the last year to help with the isolation of books to make sure all bubbles are safe when visiting the library with their classes.

Our Librarians for 2023-2024