St Michael's
C.E. Primary School

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Art embodies a range of practical skills and knowledge that allows pupils to experiment, invent and create striking pieces of art. Pupils learn that art is central to the culture and history of the world around us. Pupils will gain practical experience in exploring painting, drawing printing, collage and sculpture techniques and evaluate their own learning throughout. 

At St Michael's we aim to provide children with an engaging, memorable and high-quality Art curriculum. We aim to foster a love of Art in our pupils whilst equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to create independent final pieces they are proud of. An artist at St Michael's is taught to think critically at an artist's work; commenting upon what they notice and what they like about a piece. They are exposed to a range of styles, artists and subject matter and apply this to their own work during the planning process. 

An Artist is a person who produces art using imagination, skill, patience and resilience. An Artist knows the importance of evaluating and analysing own and other's artwork with a critical eye. An Artist has a good understanding of other artist's styles, which will inform and shape their own pieces. 

If you have any further questions regarding this subject, please speak to Miss Alice McIntosh who is our Art Subject Champion.