St Michael's
C.E. Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed


At St Michael’s, we aim to instil a love for reading in all children. In school, the teachers read to the children daily as well as encouraging them to read for pleasure. These experiences enable children to gain a richer vocabulary and a wider knowledge which will support them in all areas of their learning.

We use a combination of multiple Reading Schemes, including Oxford Reading Tree, Floppy Phonics, Phonics Bug, Big Cat Collins and Tree Tops.

Reading is incorporated in all areas of the curriculum. The children will be practising reading across the curriculum as well as in focused reading sessions. Our reading sessions develop as the children move through school. They begin reading in small groups and then as they move through school, this develops to whole class reading. In these sessions, a variety of texts are used. This involves different genres, authors and classic texts. These lessons are linked to the reading domains to ensure children develop their reading skills and comprehension skills.

At St Michael’s we encourage regular reading at home to maintain the skills your child has learnt in school. We send home reading books and a reading diary for you to fill in. This can inform the teachers of how you think your child is getting on. We will also write in this in school when reading with your child.

Within school we have a library that children can borrow books from. Classes visit this library each half term. Classes also make visits to the local library and choose books to borrow to enjoy at home.

Reading Challenges

Each year group will have a reading challenge during their school year. During this they will need to read books by different authors to pass the reading challenge.

Children will achieve a Bronze, Silver and Gold award.

Rocket Words

Rocket words are taught throughout school. Children take these home to practice weekly. They will be tested on these in school. These words need to be read quickly by sight. They are words that children will regularly come across when reading.