St Michael's
C.E. Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Pupil of the Month

Every month the children in each class vote for who they think should be their winner by anonymously voting and giving a reason.

It can be any reason except for 'they're my friend'! The children need to think carefully about someone who has helped them or who has improved their behaviour and attitude to school or in the playground.

March 2021

RC: Louie - Coming back with renewed confidence and motivation to learn

RS: Amaya - Being a king friend

1J: Sophia - A massive improvement in her work and motivation

1S: Mia-Rose - For being independent and trying hard with her work 

2C: Tilly - Helping others and being kind

2P: Mia - For being independent and trying hard with her work 

3F: Millie - For being an excellent role model and showing the 4Rs

3J: Maddie - For being a great friend and always trying her hardest

4AO: Isabelle - For always working hard and showing the 4Rs

4H: Summer - For being kind, caring and looking out for others

5K: Jeremiah - Always being helpful, being respectful and for always trying in class

5W: Starla - For always trying hard and being a great friend 

6CM: Isaiah - Always being respectful and always being ready 

6VM: Evangeline - Very helpful towards her friends and will always try her best in everything she attempts 

February 2021

RC: Finley - Working really hard at home and making an incredible improvement 

RS: Freddie - Working hard in his handwriting and forming most letters correctly 

1J: Myles - Great work effort during lockdown 

1S: Lucas - Trying really hard with his handwriting and being more independent 

2C: Connor - Working hard at home over lockdown 

2P: Charlie - Trying really hard with his work and trying to have a go independently 


January 2021 

RC: Rosie - For adapting well to new routines and making new friends 

RS: Olivia - Being more confident and getting on with all activities 

1J: Daisy - Excellent participation in home learning 

1S: Joshua - Gaining more confidence in everything he does 

2C: Colby - Always showing good listening and helping others 

2P: Eliana - Completing all of her work at home and trying really hard


December 2020 

RC: Lilly - For her excellent performance in the Nativity and her settling into her first half term in Reception 

RS: James - Working really hard and completing all of his work at home 

1J: Beau - For his improvement in his attitude to work 

1S: George - For challenging himself and being a good friend 

2C: Zach - Working very hard and having a positive attitude towards his work 

2P: Anya - Always trying really hard with her work and setting a good example 

3F: Thomas - For improving his handwriting 

3J: Lacey - Working hard and being a good friend 

4AO: Layton - For showing a caring attitude to his peers 

4H: Hollie - Being a good friend and a good role model 

5K: Oscar - For being a good role model and showing the 4Rs

5W: Riley - For working hard in all lessons and being a good role model 

6CM: Luke - For always showing respect and being a helpful member of the class 

6VM: Danai - Very supportive member of the class, always puts others first before himself

November 2020

RC: Noah - For working super hard in his Phonics 

RS: Barrie - Always making the teachers smile 

1J: Jusuf - Showing progression in Maths 

1S: Wyatt - Always being ready and respectful 

2C: Nawal - An outstanding role model and friend

2P: Mason - Always making the right choices 

3F: Motoman - For trying really hard all the time 

3J: Olivia - For always being polite and helpful and showing the 4Rs

4AO: Hayden - Always contributing to class discussions 

4H: Jesse - For always trying hard 

5K: Frankie - For working extremely hard and always trying 

5W: Evan - For being a good role model, being a kind person and always there to help 

6CM: Evie - For working hard and being a good friend 

6VM: Ceily - For being an excellent role model and great friend 

October 2020

RC: Emily - For building her confidence 

RS: May - For being a super independent learner 

1J: Lucas - Persevering with changes of routine 

1S: Gabriel - For being a kind friend 

2C: Connor - For always trying his hardest 

2P: Haleluya - Always trying his hardest 

3F: Bobbie-Beau - For working independently and always being a good role model 

3J: Amari - For being a king and caring friend and being a sweet boy 

4AO: Darcie - For always having a go in all her lessons 

4H: Lacey - She is always trying hard in all her lessons 

5K: Joseph - For being a good friend and role model 

5W: Charlie - He is funny, a good friend and he has reached gold behaviour chart two days in a row 

6CM: Amara - For always trying hard in lessons 

6VM: Zoe - For being fantastic friend and always looking out for others. She has a great attitude towards work and is ready for every challenge thrown at her

September 2020

RC: Violet - For always being kind, caring and trying her best during every carpet session

RS: Noah - For always being kind, helpful and very polite 

1J: Alaysia - For being a good role model and setting a good example 

1S: Abbie - For being respectful and kind 

2C: Ruby-Leigh - For always trying her hardest and being respectful 

2P: Joel - Always gets on with what he is supposed to be doing and is always helping his friends 

3F: Amelia-Amore - For being a good role model and always having good manners 

3J: Bobby - For showing the 4Rs and always being kind and helpful 

4AO: Olivia - For being responsible for her learning and always trying her best 

4H: Louie - For trying hard in class to improve his behaviour and work 

5K: Jake - For working hard and being a good friend 

5W: Charlie - For trying hard, being a good friend and being a good role model 

6CM: Kellie-Anne - For being a good role model 

6VM: Harrison - He is always showing the 4Rs, for being a consistent role model