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The Church of England


St Michael's CE Primary School has a strong and meaningful relationship with the Church of England Birmingham, which is integral to our identity as a Church of England school. The Church provides valuable guidance and support, helping us uphold our Christian ethos and values in all aspects of school life. Through this partnership, we are able to create a nurturing and inclusive environment, foster strong connections with the local faith community, and ensure that our leadership and governance align with the teachings of the Church. We greatly appreciate the support and collaboration of the Church of England Birmingham in our commitment to providing a holistic education that nurtures the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual growth of our pupils.

We also value our connections with other Church schools within the diocese. We recognise that we are part of a wider network of schools that share a common mission and commitment to providing a high-quality Christian education. Through collaboration and mutual support, we strive to strengthen our collective impact and promote the values and teachings of the Church within our respective school communities. These relationships foster a sense of unity and solidarity among Church schools, enabling us to work together in service of our shared mission.

Vision, Mission and Purpose

The Church of England Birmingham's Diocesan Board of Education has a strong commitment to ensuring that all people within its schools have the opportunity to flourish, within an understanding of what God desires for humanity.  Believing that human beings are ‘created in the image of God’ (Genesis 1.27) our schools should be places where each may learn and grow to become more fully what we were created to be.

The Church of England supports schools to enable excellence within a distinctively Christian framework. The Education team works to support and challenge every school so that they can do their utmost to guarantee that all pupils, given their differing starting points and individual learning needs, will achieve and make at least good levels of progress in English and Maths.

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