St Michael's
C.E. Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

School Values

As a Church School, our faith is an integral part of everyday life.

We meet every day to share collective worship, whether for church services, assemblies or singing practise, we always take the time to come together and reflect.

Our faith guides our choices as children and adults alike strive to follow the example that Christ has set for us all.

At St. Michael’s we see real value and importance in educating children in the beliefs of all major faiths and each year we put on a big ‘Inter-Faith Week’ where children find out about the other global religions, all culminating in trips to the different places of worship and a big school assembly where we share what we have learnt.

We believe it is important to develop core values by which to live and which help to develop a moral and spiritual awareness.

We seek to explore the meanings of the core values and their significance through daily acts of Collective Worship. The gifts of courage, trust, hope, forgiveness, compassion and thankfulness are the values we want our children to leave with.  In addition to these we will also explore other values in order to develop of our knowledge and understanding. Whilst these gifts are inclusive of human values, we try to anchor them into the Christian faith by relating them to the Bible through stories and readings.

We attend services at St. Michael’s and All Angels Church at the beginning of every term and to celebrate Harvest, Remembrance, Christmas, Easter and our Leavers' service, at the end of the school year. Families are welcome to join us for these occasions.

School Values for 2022/23

  • Autumn Term 1 = Community
  • Autumn Term 2 = Compassion
  • Spring Term 1 = Courage
  • Spring Term 2 = Forgiveness
  • Summer Term 1 = Trust
  • Summer Term 2 = Hope 

School Values for 2021/22

  • Autumn Term 1 = Courage
  • Autumn Term 2 = Hope
  • Spring Term 1 = Forgiveness
  • Spring Term 2 = Thankfulness + Praise
  • Summer Term 1 = Trust
  • Summer Term 2 = Love

School Values for 2020/21

  • Autumn Term 1 = Hope
  • Autumn Term 2 = Peace
  • Spring Term 1 = Trust
  • Spring Term 2 = Forgiveness
  • Summer Term 1 = Compassion
  • Summer Term 2 = Friendship

Our School Prayer

God of Love 

Bless our school and make us strong and courageous in all that we do. 

Help us to work, serve and play so that we aspire and nurture, enjoy and flourish.