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Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

MFL is learning a new language and about the wider world, including cultural differences, which allows children to express themselves in new ways. 

At St Michael’s, MFL encourages children to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of the world outside our school, whilst understanding the value of this. Children should progressively acquire, use and apply the four key language learning skills which are: speaking, reading, writing and grammar. In order to support children with all four key skills, our main focus will be on speaking and listening as we believe that this will provide children with the vital skills and confidence to progress in all areas within MFL.

A linguist has a good understanding of culture and diversity as well as good perseverance and resilience.  

If you have any further questions regarding this subject, please speak to Miss Samantha Timerick who is our MFL Subject Champion. 




 On Friday 18th February we had Languages Day! Look below to see all the fun we got up to.