St Michael's
C.E. Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed


At St Michael’s CE Primary school, we pride ourselves on being an incredibly inclusive and respectful community which provides a safe space for staff and pupils of all religions, cultures and backgrounds to aspire, nurture, enjoy and flourish. This is a chance to bring people with different beliefs closer together. It's a chance to learn about one another.

Each year at St Michael’s, the different year groups take part in our exciting Interfaith Week. Under usual circumstances, this week would include visits to a variety of religious buildings, meeting and interacting with people in our community, sharing knowledge and information first hand from parents and visitors of various cultures, and inclusive events promoting respect, inclusivity and compassion towards all people regardless of background, religion or culture.

Where does each year visit? 

Nursery - St Michael's Church

Reception - St Michael's Church

Year 1 - Gurdwara 

Year 2 - Mosque

Year 3 - Synagogue 

Year 4 - Gurdwara  

Year 5 - Buddhists Temple

Year 6 - Hindu Temple

Interfaith during Lockdown

This year, due to the COVID19 pandemic and the lockdown restrictions, the children of St Michael’s school were not able to engage in their usual Interfaith week activities. Undeterred, they instead engaged in a variety of lessons within their classrooms, continuing to enjoy learning about different religions, sharing knowledge in a safe space within our school.

We hope that we will be able to resume our usual religious visits this year as they are so important for the children to experience different cultures first hand.