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Collective Worship

At St Michael’s, Collective Worship is central to the life of school and is the main platform for exploring the school’s vision. It is well planned and of high quality so that the whole school community is engaged on a journey of discovery, exploring the teachings of Jesus and the Bible. Our school serves pupils, staff and parents from a variety of backgrounds and faiths. Therefore, Collective Worship in our school aims to be inspirational, invitational, and inclusive and will lead people to a threshold where they can witness worship and join in, if they wish.

Collective Worship Sequence 

Collective Worship typically follows this weekly sequence:

As we are an Anglican school we reflect aspects of Anglican worship in the following ways:

  • We use the Bible as a source of Christian teaching and give it a prominent place in our worship
  • We follow the cycle of the Anglican year: Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Pentecost and some saints’ days
  • We use liturgical colours for our worship focus
  • We use Christian symbols and artefacts, exploring their meaning for Christians
  • Our worship follows a liturgical pattern of gathering, engaging, responding and sending
  • Using Anglican sentences and responses (e.g. The Lord be with you… and also with you) 

Throughout the year, we also celebrate a range of non-Christian festivals such as Chinese New Year, Eid, Diwali etc. to promote diversity and respect within our multicultural school and local community.

Provision for Collective Worship

 Our school’s Collective Worship practices provide a shared set of symbols, signs, words and actions and traditions which give our whole school community a language upon which it can draw, in times of joy and grief. Collective Worship is key to fostering a sense of fellowship and cohesion within our school community. Whether in times of crisis or celebration, this time set aside in the school day provides staff and pupils with the opportunity to gather and support one another as a community.

Worship in our school will follow a recognisable structure that will help focus worship on important themes. The general pattern of our worship reflects that of an Anglican Church service:

 Our School Prayer 

God of Love

Bless our school and make us strong and courageous in everything that we do

Help us to flourish in the love of God


The Right of Withdrawal

St Michael’s is a Church of England school that educates children from a variety of religious backgrounds in a multicultural and multiracial communities. We work together to promote tolerance and respect for others and to break down prejudice and mistrust. Part of the distinctively Christian nature of Church of England Schools is that they should be as hospitable and inclusive to all in the community they serve. There is no intention to compromise or undermine the faith in which the children are being brought up. Our aim is to develop in all children an awareness, acceptance and appreciation of others through learning about each other's customs and beliefs.

We acknowledge that there will always be those who are uncomfortable to enter through this open door of worship in our school. The Church of England recognises the right of withdrawal from Collective Worship for those children or adults who wish to exercise this option. Parents wishing to exercise their right to withdraw their child should contact the Headteacher to discuss this.

If you have any further questions regarding Collective Worship, please speak to Miss Kate Coe who is our Collective Worship Champion.